Oxygen Can it Be the Secret Cure For All Diseases?

Oxygen Is the most common of all components that support life on Earth. It’s the element that’s quite abundant in the Earth’s crust, contains nearly half of all vegetation, over three quarters of sea water, along with nearly half of sterile soil. This tasteless, colourless and odourless element contains more than 65 percent of the human body.

Dr Otto Warburg, biochemist and Nobel prize winner has indicated that cancer cells can’t develop in an environment that’s full of oxygen. The principal source of cancer, ” he insists, is that the substitution of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells from respiration of cells with no oxygen.

All functions of the body are Controlled by oxygen. It has to be replaced each moment because 90 percent of our own lives depend on it. Oxygen energizes cells so that they can regenerate. Our body uses oxygen to metabolise food and also to remove toxins and waste through oxidation. Our brain needs oxygen every second to process data. All of our organs require a lot of oxygen to work effectively. The capacity to think, feel, proceed eat, sleep and talk about all rely on energy generated by oxygen.

Oxygen is the sole Element capable of blending with nearly every other component to form the essentials elements essential to construct and keep our entire body.

The vast At the current time study scientists have determined that our atmospheric oxygen concentration levels have been decreased by 0.8 percent every 15 decades. At once the Earth’s air comprised between 38 percent and 50 percent of oxygen. The amounts of it currently in the air is supposed to be under 20%, and also in more populated regions it might even be reduced. This imbalance would clearly have harmful effects to existence as we understand it and might signify that we do need to make sure that we get some type of supplemental oxygen treatment.

Doctors and scientists believe that This is quite recognizable by the invention of uric acid within the body. The reason for many chronic diseases is a result of the distribution of the most dangerous toxin throughout the entire body. Dangerous due to its insolubility. For the body to recover its health, it has to be encouraged in its attempts to consume adequate oxygen to improve energy, produce appropriate oxidation and neutralize itself of those toxins.

Oxygen is Consumed by haemoglobin in the blood and can be moved to each cell within the body. Mobile homeostatis is determined by an adequate supply of oxygen from the bloodstream, and a deficiency of oxygen leads to illness, bad vitality, poor endurance, fatigue and an overall weak mood. Authorities stress that many diseases especially fungal or yeast infections such as bronchial albians happen most often in almost any oxygen poor environment within the body. Thus the growth of a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream might well be the beginning point for the reduction of the immune system and also the start of dreaded health issues like leukemia, cancer, helps, seizures, nerve corrosion and candida.
If it’s deficient, then toxins start to devastate the entire body functions and enhance the body of life giving energy. Initial signs of oxygen deficiency may include fatigue, tiredness, circulations issues, poor digestion, muscular aches and pains, nausea, depression, memory loss, absurd behavior, irritability, acid stomach and gastrointestinal disorders. An individual can hence realise the crucial importance of oxygen into life.

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